Prof. Dietmar Harhoff Awarded Honoary Professor of HUST

                  October 24, 2019

                  News.hust.edu.cn (Correspondent Zhu Xiuzhu/Guo Zhuang) - On October 16, Prof. Dietmar Harhoff visited HUST and was honored as the Honoary Professor of HUST. Ms.Zhan Yiqing, the Vice President of HUST, presented the letter of Honorary Professor Appointment to Prof. Harhoff. Heads of the International Exchange Center and the School of Management attended the appointment ceremony.



                  Prof. Dietmar Harhoff is a member of the German National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (NASE) and the Innovation Dialogue Expert Group of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (MPI),

                  Zhan delivered a welcome address. She noted that the development of HUST's Sino-European Institute for Intellectual Property (SEIIP) and Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property (CGIIP) has been inseparable from MPI's strong support and the two sides could further deepen cooperation in such aspects as research, expert exchange and student exchange. She pledged that HUST would continue to support the talent introduction and building of the intellectual property research team, and further form an intellectual property talent training system with distinct international features and significant effects of theory-practice integration.

                  Prof. Yu Xiang, Director of SEIIP and CGIIP, introduced Prof. Harhoff's educational experience, academic achievements and working experience. Awarding the title of honorary professor to Prof. Harhoff will help to advance HUST's international academic cooperation with countries and regions such as Europe and America, and play a positive role in HUST's innovation talent training and the effective protection, management and use of innovation achievements by HUST's science and engineering teams.

                  Prof. Harhoff said he was honored to work with HUST and become HUST's honorary professor, hoping that the two sides would further strengthen cooperation and invite more students of HUST to visit MPI. Only multilateralism and teamwork is the due spirit of the scientific community, said he, adding that the two sides should strengthen exchanges and mutual learning in the field of Chinese and German innovation policies, intellectual property systems and academic researches.


                  Wang Zongjun, Dean of the Management of School, introduced the school's research level and honors. Prof. Harhoff has rich working experience and substantial academic achievements, said he, noting that the appointment will promote the development of the intellectual property discipline of the school and HUST, hoping that the two sides would deepen talent training, cooperation and exchanges, and achieve expected results.

                  HUST is strong and fruitful in science and engineering, said Liao Xiaofei, Director of the International Exchange Center, adding that the two sides could cooperate in computer science, machinery and other science & engineering fields in addition to intellectual property.

                  Then Prof. Harhoff gave an academic lecture entitled "Science-Technology-Innovation: Exploring Opportunities for Cooperation between Germany and China" for "International Master Lecture on Frontier Discipline" at Mingde Lecture Hall, Wutongyu Academic Exchange Centre. He reviewed the process and background of the innovative development of scientific research, introduced the relationship between scientific quality and potent value, and pointed out that high-quality science and high-value patents are closely related. He also introduced the results of a data analysis of the rapid development of China's science, technology and innovation, further analyzed the current situation of Sino-German cooperation, and looked into the prospect and opportunities of Sino-German cooperation.

                  The lecture attracted over 200 attendees from HUST and outside, including foreign students from a few countries and regions.


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